Hiccup Inc.

Hiccup Inc. creates children's decor that is modern & hip. The wooden pull toys are a new take on the old toys many may remember from their own childhood. You can also purchase wooden shapes to decorate your child's room or nursery. I love the wooden picture frames that are available in a variety of pattern & color combinations. And the wooden blocks are the perfect item to spice up any nursery. These decorative blocks are also available in piggy bank form. Check out the Hiccup blog for more information about their upcoming appearance on Martha Stewart's show. Also, be sure to enter the children's goods giveaway by midnight CST for your chance to win your own Schoolyard theme decorative baby block.


Joe the Pro said...

I like these light-weight, colorful wooden blocks.
I have seen the GIVEAWAY Block and everyone needs to enter to try and win it by midnight tonight!!!!

Nancy said...

These wonderful traditional toys are growing in popularity. Even Toys "r" us has announced a "green" line of wooden toys coming out soon. But these wooden blocks are beautiful.