Jamie Noel

Jamie Noel creates jewelry in what she calls a vintage entertainment theme. You are sure to find a fun piece you love in Jamie Noel's shop that is circus, boardwalk, puppet, and/or game related. I love that her unique designs are interactive in that they have elements about them that move. The puppet theater pin is a perfect example with all it's moving parts. I love the Zoltar fortune telling necklace reminiscent of the machine shown in the movie Big. And the Aristocratic Dog dexterity game piece necklace is a terrific accessory, as well as a source of entertainment! Check out all the wonderful designs Jamie Noel has available.


Eleanor said...

ooo... i find that a bit spooky... but cool!

theme fragrance said...

I have been looking for Zoltar. Zoltar used to be found at Coney Island, then they took the machine away! I looked this past sumemer...so if youknow where Zoltar lurks please post! Zoltar lived under the ferris wheel.

Abby Creek Art said...

Nice designs...of course I love the doggie ones!:)

jamienoel said...

Hi Guys!

(This is Jamie.)

I love these old penny Arcade machines and I look at sites with them often to get ideas for new designs.

I think the Zoltar from Coney Island is now on Martha's Vineyard.(not positive)

I live in Ca. and there is one at Pier 45 in San Francisco. There's actualy a great museum of these old machines in SF called Musee Mecanique.

Joe the Pro said...

Everyone must check out the Retro Rocket >> http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=10064771


Jonathan Gleich said...

Zoltar will be marching in the Coney Island Parade June 20th 2009

If your in the area Check it out