Lucy's Sister

Marissa Spada grew up during the 70s when everyone had funky belts that completed their ensembles. She decided to design a line of belt buckles with interchangeable belt straps that would be a throw back to those days. She launched Lucy's Sister in 2005 & began selling her line of accessories that have a vintage rock and roll vibe, while at the same time are distinctly girly, modern, and fun. You can promote love & peace while wearing the Sienna buckle, or make people smile with the adorable Happy buckle. Mushrooms are hot right now, so snatch up a Summer of 1972 buckle while you're at it. These will look fabulous with the funky hippy straps or Rambling Rose strap which reminds me of the "Jessica" belt I sported as a child. Check out all the awesome straps that Marissa has assembled in her shop. You won't be disappointed!


casapinka said...

How cute! They def. remind me of a certain era in my life which definitely dates me.

Delaney Gates said...

Ooh! Love that stuff! Thanks for posting it!