Sisters Denise and Lori founded LilyGirl, a unique and artful jewelry company, in 2004. Made simply with their hands and produced in limited quantities, their pieces are reflections of their own style and personal commitment to quality. There are many gorgeous chain necklaces to choose from, as well as beaded necklaces. The charm bracelets and earrings are also beautiful. I'm most impressed with the unique handcrafted wire jewelry pieces. I love the hammered heart pendants & the curly wurly earrings. Have a look at all the terrific pieces created by these sisters.


SweetBrier Scraps said...

LOVE your blog! What wonderful and interesting finds. I have really enjoyed going to some of these websites and checking out all of the fabulous creations. I would like to turn you on to my creations, if you don't mind! I am a scrapper whose has found my niche in albums of all kinds, photo mats and soon, over sized letters. I have just started a small business (like, last week!) and am trying to get the word out. Maybe you could give me a shout out? It would be most appreciated!


SweetBrier Scraps said...

Oh, I would love to email you but can't seem to access your email?? My email is - maybe you could email me?? Thanks so much for the VERY quick response and for the interest!

susan said...

these are so sweet! i love the wire work. and ahem, your new BANNER! so springy!

Joanne said...

Thier wire jewelery is gorgeous! I so want that LOVE necklace!