The Show Pony Show Recap

Sunday Joe and I attended The Show Pony Show in Dallas, Texas. We were especially excited about this show as it was our first event to sponsor. The Dallas Craft Mafia did a fantastic job of organizing & promoting the show and the venue, The Continental Lofts, was great. In addition to many of the vendors I have featured before, it was lots of fun meeting many new designers.

Ashley Akers is a talented jewelry artist who combines contrasting colors and textures with simple, modern designs. Her portfolio showcases her unique designs, such as the Pebble collection. The Starburst pendants are another personal favorite.

Lolafalk (pictured left side) creates beautiful handmade bags using unique fabrics that are very eye-catching. We loved the iridescent fabrics that are incorporated into many of the pieces. It was very interesting speaking with Mary of FancyFibers (pictured right side) who creates knit socks using a World War I era hand-cranked circular sock machine. Mary had a huge selection of beautiful, multi-colored yarns to choose from so that custom pieces could be easily created. She also creates fabulous hats, shawls, shirts & more.

Whitney Ludiker (pictured) is the creative force behind Brokn Doll. Her softies & plushies are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes & themes. Whitney recently began crafting "pillow pals" that were a big hit at the show.

Madison Mae Handbags is a wonderful source for beautiful accessories. Krystal Mae Dodson has a knack for pairing interesting fabrics together to create unique pieces. And the Mini Mae collection features matching handbags for moms & their children.

It was also a pleasure meeting Helena of Dark Candles. She had a terrific display and we could not resist the Vicious Vixens votive collection. Helena also creates terrific Halloween packs featuring scents like Dark Carnival and Jack O Latte.

Other great shops to check out include:

katScrath Designs - Handmade cards & more
Krafty Munchkin Designs - Kitschy jewelry, accessories, and more
Taranehs Bazaar - Very cool wristwarmers, Purses, etc.


Amanda Ann said...

How awesome!! So glad you had a good time! Thanks for the review!!

pamela michelle said...

Glad you made it out to the show! It was lots of fun :)

Show Pony Show said...

Thank you so much for your support on The Show Pony Show. Funky Finds always adds a very special touch to every show and THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your killer review!

Tara to the T

claudiasburningink said...

Thank you so much! I look forward to doing more with Funky Finds and DCM!!!

Judy said...

I'm so glad you came out to the show! You guys are great and we're really thankful for your support. Thanks for posting such a comprehensive review. :)

Lolafalk said...

Thanks so much for the review! It was great to finally meet you guys after being a longtime reader of the Funky Finds blog.

Ashley said...

It was nice to meet you guys. Thanks for mentioning me and for sponsoring the show!