Miss Do-Gooder

Miss Do-Gooder is a hip new San Francisco-based fashion company whose mission it is to fight the world’s injustices one t-shirt at a time. Led by a spunky and precocious young superhero with tall boots and a cape (AKA Miss Do-Gooder), the company will launch a super cute new t-shirt several times a year, each one tackling a specific cause. Fighting poverty, illiteracy, domestic violence, intolerance and global warming are all on her to-do list. Miss Do-Gooder's first target is animal cruelty, with 20 percent of net proceeds going to the ASPCA. T-shirts cost $25 and are available on the website. Susan Wildes, founder and chief do-gooder at Miss Do-Gooder, said, "The Miss Do-Gooder line of t-shirts fuses fashion with philanthropy, and allows people to wear hip, fun t-shirts that make a statement they can be proud of. We all need to find our inner Miss Do-Gooder and do more than just support our favorite charities: we need to fight for the causes we believe in." Sounds perfect to me! Enter the August giveaway before Midnight CST for your chance to win one of these fabulous tees.