July Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the July Giveaway contest! The winners of each of the fabulous goodies are listed below. Stay tuned for the August giveaway beginning on August 25th & preview all the great prizes here! I will be contacting each winner via email to get your mailing address. Cheers!

Claudia - Initial Blanket from Two Tinas
Doreen - Plushie Hand Warmer Rabbit from Jeynreyn
Jeanette - Sock Monkey from The Craftsty Shop
Giada - The Softies Kit from Weekend Kits
Rainy - Bitsy Bear of your choice from Bitsy Bear
Stacysews - "Poloko" from Fluffels
Sharmaine - Peg Bear from One Red Robin
Amanda Ann - ArtLab Fashion Studio from Passed Presents
Katy - Mini Pooki from Pooki & Co.
Greetingarts - Woolyhoodwink of your choice from Fawn & Forest
Oona - Vintage Pillowcase Monster from A Very Mary Design
Ricki - Soft Olive Green Fluffy Bunny Toy from Whimsy Kisses
Bunny B - Toy Strap from Pippalily
EB - Felt Food Set of your choice from Sam McLean Designs
1 News Subscriber - ArtLab Car Design Studio from Passed Presents


Amanda Ann said...

Awesome!! I won one of my favorite things!! Congrats to everyone else who won as well!! Thanks!!!

katy said...

I won a Mini Pooki! Thanks so much! Congrats to the other winners!

Sharmaine said...

Oh how exciting!!
Thank you Funky Finds and thank you to the wonderful sponsers :)

Ricki said...

Thanks! All of these stuffies are totally cute, so I am excited to win one!

Rainy said...

Thank you Funky Finds and all of the great sponsers. There were wonderful shops this month. Woo Hoo I'm excited I won!!!!

Giada said...

Hi! Congrats to all the winners! I won a Softy kit, I'm so happy!
Thank you so much Funky finds and the sponsors!

Kristen =) said...

Congrats to all the winners

katy said...

Got the Pooki. Rylee loves it. She took a nap with it today.