Sandbox Threads

I so often write about stay-at-home moms turned entrepreneurs. It's a nice change of pace to write about a stay-at-home father who has begun his own enterprise. Andy, father of two, started Sandbox Threads specializing in cool baby clothes, onesies and t-shirts. His designs are original & fun as demonstrated by the Steve Martin design. There's a wide variety of styles ranging from humorous to artistic. Some parents may be drawn to the apparel featuring imagery of vintage toys & advertisements. As a child I loved my Wonder Woman Underoos, so I would definitely be dressing my child in a Wonder Woman tee! Of course, Say Anything is also very reminiscent of my childhood.

ETA: Andy has generously set up a promo code for Funky Finds readers! Receive 20% off your order with the code funkyfinds. Expires September 30th.