Zeichen Press

While many independent boutiques struggle to survive during the current economic slow-down, many independent designers like Zeichen Press plans to weather the storm by taking advantage of electronic commerce. Until recently Zeichen Press has had to rely on wholesale orders from shops carrying their products around the country. There has been a noticeable dip in sales over the last six months due to the fact that buyers are being more cautious and are mindful of the large amount of floor space that greeting cards occupy in store for a relatively small price point. Zeichen Press, a design & letterpress studio located in South Minneapolis, now offers their product line of letter pressed cards & gifts online. Their products are hand-made on antique printing presses using antique wood & metal type and salvaged vintage printers blocks. Their cards are fun & humorous, such as the I'm sorry that I'm so perfect card. I'm glad you're having a baby & I'm not is a personal favorite of mine, as well as e-mail is for suckers. And currently you can purchase five cards & receive one free!