K is for Calligraphy

As a youngster I remember being obsessed with calligraphy for a lengthy period of time. Several Christmases and birthdays I asked for a new calligraphy set & couldn't wait to get to work practicing this fascinating form of art. Of course, I never came close to creating the beautiful writing style you will find at K is for Calligraphy. Katy, who is the K in K is for Calligraphy, never expected to be a self-employed professional calligrapher. But with enough encouragement (or nagging) from her mother Katy decided to take a class. You can see that she has a unique look about her work. I love the cards featuring lyrics written in calligraphy, such as Magic Woman. And the tags would be an impressive embellishment on any gift. Katy has also created larger-scale projects like the Just Married sign pictured here. See more samples of Katy's work on Flickr.


Dallas Designing-Diva said...

I love calligraphy too ....Katy's work is just beautiful!