The Mymble's Daughter

The Mymble's Daughter creates fabulous jewelry that is whimsical & fantastical. Many of the designs are derived from Alice in Wonderful, a favorite peculiar story for many, such as the Cheshire Cat necklace. The Victorian Scissors piece is a unique take on the typical Cameo. I myself would LOVE to have a tea party with an adorable Chimpanzee like this little girl is having. The Mymble's Daughter also has wonderful silhouette and doggy bookplates available. Be sure to check out the main website for special pricing & additional designs.


ismoyo said...

How pretty does that look! Very dreamy!

Lady, i just read about the engagement! Ooooh... that's sooo exciting news! Congratulations. And the wedding in August, that's so soon already, how wonderful. Wishing you all the best and a very loving day!