Waste Not Paper

Kristina Contes, one of my favorite scrapbookers, mentioned Waste Not Paper on her blog recently. It was love at first sight when I went to this website. I am a wee bit paper obsessed, so this is right up my alley. I love the beautiful magazine files and the large spiral albums in the same prints are also terrific. The cd boxes would be a great way to store many things. And look at the beautiful stationery! The hearts of course are perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day, as well as year round. There's also lots of gorgeous letterpress notecards to choose from. Don't miss all the great accessories, such as seals and gift tags. And if you are a business owner, or just completely obsessed to the point of hoarding, you can purchase these goods in bulk.


deb said...

I looove Waste Not Paper! Just gorgeous. I'm sure you've heard of Paper Source www.paper-source.com Their catalogue is so inspiring and comes about once a month!

Catrina said...

A friend bought me some of those magazine files for my birthday & they are great...so pretty!!