Cupid's Finds #3

I don't keep a journal, but if I did I'd definitely want to write in this beautiful red leather journal from Kate's Paperie. Kate's also has lots of terrific Valentine's cards featuring the likes of Curious George (love him!) and sock monkeys. Rock Scissor Paper also has lots of terrific cards for your loved one, as does Greer Chicago. For unique gifts, look to Etsy seller Ars Elementi who created the beautiful boxed heart pendant and the pet heart charm. The Humane Society also has lots of terrific gifts for the special animal and/or animal lover in your life. For lots of great handmade gift ideas, take a look at the New Orleans Craft Mafia's site and Indie Fixx's comprehensive Valentine's Day gift guide.


feli said...

Owh my Gawd. I so like the leather journal. I have a soft spot for things like this.

BTW my best friend found this cute EEL skin wallet. Yep EEL. I have not seen it but I am really curious about it. Have you heard of EEL skin? as in the real eel fish.