Inexplicable Confetti

Inexplicable Confetti features art, clothing and curiosities created by New Orleans-based Phillip Whitmore. We all remember the damage Hurricane Katrina inflicted on New Orleans and the Evacuation Nation tee is an ode to this area's trouble with such natural disasters. You will see the Fleur De Lis symbol everywhere in New Orleans, including on their football team, so Phillip has created a Scrolling Fleur De Lis tee. I really like the purple & gold tee that sports a unique design that could possibly become Mardi Gras's Coat of Arms. If you happen to be in New Orleans, be sure to visit Phillip in person the fist Saturday of each month at The Freret Market or the last Saturday of every month at the Arts Market of New Orleans (located at the corner of Carrollton and Claiborne).


Mallory - Miss Malaprop said...

Phillip is great, as is his work! Thanks for giving some love to an awesome fellow New Orleans artist!