Healing Maggie Grace Raffle

A few weeks ago, fellow blogger and artist, Teresa Atkinson, shared her battle with a kidney stone, much to the amusement of her blog friends. Unfortunately, her prognosis was much more serious. Teresa learned that she had kidney cancer & would need to prepare for immediate surgery so her kidney could be removed. Sadly, Teresa's insurance does not cover this "out of network" doctor, although it does cover part of her surgery. Her deductible is $5,000 for the surgery alone, and follow-up care, chemo, etc. will not be covered by her insurance.

Two bloggers, Jen and MaryAnn, have organized an online raffle to help ease the financial burden Teresa is facing. With a Senior in high school and a college Freshman, Teresa's budget is already tight, and we don't want Teresa to have to struggle with tens of thousands of dollars of medical debt.

Funky Finds has donated a tote bag (minus actual dog) featuring our Chihuahua logo filled with swag. These items are part of a grouping of other items you can bid on this Friday, May 7.