Tru.che features handmade accessories created by Chicago-based designer Stephanie Koerner. Her World of Love collection explores new ways to express local love through custom jewelry designs. These thoughtful and unique accessories are the perfect way to show some love for your home state or an area you have come to love. Since moving to Pennsylvania from Texas, I have so missed my home state. The I Heart Texas necklace is the perfect way for me to show some real Texas pride & keep home close to my heart. Of course, these aren't just for Americans. There are lovely designs for proud Canadians, Italians, and more. And you will need a pair of matching heart studs recycled from the necklace's heart cutouts to accompany your necklace. If you're looking for designs that aren't state or country-specific, Stephanie offers many great pieces, such as vintage glass earrings and the wood grain heart necklace. Receive free shipping when you mention Funky Finds in the comment section at checkout.


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