For Earth Day 2010, Swaptree.com is redefining recycling and giving people across the United States a new way of going green and protecting the environment. Swaptree.com is “bringing bartering back” by enabling people to swap unused items for things they want! At Swaptree.com, swappers trade books, CDs, DVDs and video games - an emerging behavioral trend known as “The Swap Movement.”

Earth Day is a time of year when all of us are called on to examine how our behaviors impact the environment. In recent years, this has manifested as a focus on reducing consumption by reusing consumer goods. In 2009 alone, Swappers conducted nearly one million trades, with a total carbon offset of 5M lbs—roughly equivalent to taking 30 cars of the road for one year. Calculating approximately 5lbs of offset per trade, average members have been able to lower their annual carbon footprints by approximately 180lbs.

“In the last 12 months, Swaptree.com has saved members $5,549,058 and helped reduced carbon footprint by 5,011,078 pounds,“ says Carl Schwartz, Vice President of Marketing at Swaptree.com “Because items are constantly traded and reused again, Swaptree is an easy way to recycle stuff you have to get things you want, reduce consumption of new products, and feel good doing it.”

The way it works is members list the items that they are trading and the items they want, and Swaptree’s two and three-way trade algorithms instantly find all of the items that they can receive for the items that they have. The site is completely free, and users only pay for postage, which means that you can get a book, CD, DVD, or video game for around two dollars. Referred to by mainstream media outlets as “the eBay of Swap,” Swaptree.com is the only site that allows for cross-media trades, allowing members to swap a DVD for a book, a video game for a CD, or a book for a video game, etc.

Swaptree.com is the easiest way to swap your stuff--books, music, movies and video games. An award-winning website that brings people together to swap the stuff they have for the stuff they want for free, Swaptree.com helps users feel good because knowing they are saving cash and the planet. With millions of people listing millions of things, the swap opps are staggering. For more information, visit Swaptree.com.