In The Loop: Knitting Now

Black Dog Publishing is proud to present its latest book release - In The Loop: Knitting Now. In the Loop explores the progression of knitting, a craft which has come a long way from its fuzzy image of thick socks and embarrassing motifs on Christmas jumpers. Now there are knitting groups that meet in quirky venues throughout the country, as well as hundreds of clubs and contemporary artists intent on reclaiming the craft. In the Loop maps knitting’s journey from solitary hobby for old maids to mainstream, contemporary trend. The book also features essays & images that show the progression of knitting and discusses the topics of knitting in art, international knitting traditions, knitting as social activism, the oral history of knitting, and knitting technology. Also included are case studies on knitting clubs, artists using knitting in their work and an attractive & informative review of the subject and is billed as an essential book for anyone with an interest in contemporary crafts. To receive a 40% discount on the new title, simply email Jessica Atkins at with your shipping address and "Funky Finds Offer" in the subject line.