The Mommy Song

If you're in need of a quick, thoughtful gift for Mother's Day, check out "The Mommy Song." Composer Rick Penn-Kraus calls it a recession-proof gift and a great way to "open your heart more than your wallet." This may not be your traditional gift, but this is something Dads can give their wives this Mother's Day to tell her just how fantastic she really is. The tender acoustic song & video video montage can be found on The Mommy Song website. Dads can surprise Mom by adding it to her iPod for just 99 cents! And for those mothers and/or wives feeling unappreciated..listen, just for you.


lefemsuzy said...

What an AWESOME song Rick! Brought back memories of my boy, now 13 years old. This is a sweet & touching song with a hauntingly beautiful tune. I love the Mommy Song.

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