A Shade Better Than Stick Figures

Amber Uphoff is the talented artist behind A Shade Better Than Stick Figures. I love the name of her business & I have to say her work is more than a shade better than the stick figures I can draw! A Funky Finds Spring Fling participant, Amber recently surprised Joe and me with a beautiful drawing of our Chihuahua, Abigail Raine, as well as a drawing of our Yellow Labrador, Beau Bradley! We are so lucky!!! If you are looking for a unique & special gift for a loved one, I highly recommend that you commission Amber to create a piece. Her prices are very reasonable considering the quality of her work, plus her typical turn around time is two weeks. That is amazing! If you would like to see Amber's work in person, visit her blog to see which events she will be participating in.


taniamc said...

Amber is not only incredibly talented, she is also an amazing person to work with! Her drawings are unbelievably detailed and accurate. I absolutely love the ones she has done for me.

taniamc said...
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-amber- said...

Hey this is awesome! Right now over on the A Shade Better Than Stick Figures TM facebook fan page we are doing a giveaway to the fans until midnight on Sunday- so become a fan and enter to win a FREE custom drawing :)
Thanks for the post Jessica! You are too kind!
Thanks for the kind words Tania!
You guys are the best! And I loved doing the drawings for you both!

Bryan said...

I second Tania's comments. My wife and I still show off the beautiful drawing that Amber did of our little girl. She is a great artist and an overall good person!

wahab said...

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