Diffraction Fiber

The weather is beginning to turn pretty chilly up here in the North which I'm not too fond of. However, I do love winter accessories, especially scarves. If you're looking for scarves that are a bit funkier, check out Diffraction Fiber. Beth Cummings creates fun and modern scarves that will get you through winter in style. I really like the reversible Aviary Scarf. The Changing Seasons Scarf is a beautiful orange and chocolate brown design that is perfect for Autumn. And my absolute favorite design is the Cameo Scarf that's a bit more elegant. Beth also creates unique pillows and other fun accessories worth checking out. Receive free shipping when you mention "Funky Finds" in the Notes to the Seller at checkout.


Julie Ann Shahin said...
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Julie Ann Shahin said...

Ahhhhh, ok! I think I got your card at the Scrap In Style Sisiversary!!!! I love the scarf! I checked out the Etsy store, beautiful finds.

Thanks so much for coming to my blog festival for project 52 :)