Little Monarch

Te Maari Barham of Little Monarch creates cheeky accessories that will add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe. The corn on the cob necklace is so unexpected! It's sure to get a couple of double takes when out & about. And the English Breakfast Fry Up necklace is absolutely hilarious. The pendant features a true English breakfast - eggs sunny side up and a few rashers of bacon. And I can definitely see myself enjoying the mix 'n match earring sets featuring unique buttons. Check out the Little Monarch blog for more fun tidbits.


Little Monarch said...

oh wow! this was an unexpected surprise! it looks amazing thank you so very very much. i dont know what to say :-)

jen said...

Yeah, Little Monarch!
Great stuff...great girl!

Sing Clementine said...

These are so fun and awesome - great pick.