Rattle-N-Roll is a rockin' family-run business that specializes in unique greeting cards & announcements. The Loykos are asking for your help this holiday season to make their Christmas benefit a success. Two years ago, they developed a Christmas card program to benefit American Red Cross to help those affected by California wildfires. Due to the amazing show of support from shoppers, the program continued last year. Like many families, The Loykos have been impacted by cancer, so they decided to donate proceeds to the Cancer Research Institute, the world's leading non-profit, cancer-fighting organization. Long story short, they're doing it again!

This year Rattle-N-Roll has re-released Christmas card designs from years past, as well as added a new one. 100% of profits are going to charity and, if the last two years are any indicator, these will sell out FAST! This year's sales will benefit Water.org. Every 15 seconds a child dies from lack of clean water & sanitation. And more than a billion people on Earth will NEVER have a clean glass of water. Water.org is an organization that develops high-quality, sustainable water projects in hundreds of communities from Africa to South East Asia to Central America. Their programs are community-based and centered on education & sustainability. It only takes $25 to provide a human being water for the rest of their life. By purchasing your holiday cards from Rattle-N-Roll you can help do exactly that for a whole heap of people this year. Not only will you be giving to an honorable charity, you'll have the hottest cards this side of the Sun! Note, all designs can be made to say "Happy Holidays."