Baby Print Art

Baby Print Art offers unique keepsakes for the entire family. Children now have the opportunity to make a permanent, unique & adorable “impression” on the lives of those who care about them. Baby Print Art, the new home of personalized baby print art, is offering a very personal & customized way of preserving childhood memories. They employ a “stamping” process for a child’s feet and/or hands that can be integrated into a unique piece of artwork chosen by the customer. All backgrounds are fully customizable and can include a photo of the child or any other picture the customer chooses. The result is a one-of-a-kind, museum-quality canvas with a permanent impression capturing the quintessence of a child & is the perfect way to chronicle a child’s growth year after year. The Baby Print Art process is simple. You simply choose your style, color & size and place your order. Within a few days, you will receive your complete baby print collection kit. You then take your baby's print using the provided easy-to-use ink strips and collection cards. Send your collection card back in the pre-addressed stamped envelope (included in your package). Baby Print Art works their magic & sends you an art piece that is fantastically unique.


Kate said...

Great find! I have created art with a company called DNA 11. Check out their line of Fingerprint and Kiss Portraits . I cannot wait to try their new sister company CanvasPop.They can turn any
photo into canvas art