Baby K’tan

Baby K’tan recently introduced the new 3-IN-1 K’tanCloth, a nursing cover, burp cloth and blankie all in one. The K'tanCloth attaches to all baby carriers & slings enabling discreet nursing while on the go. Boasting a streamline design, it is smaller than most nursing covers while providing just the right amount of coverage. The K'tanCloth also promotes successful breastfeeding by reducing distractions while allowing mom to leave baby in the carrier. The unique open-pocket burp cloth design remains open when hanging vertically over your shoulder. This feature protects your clothing by catching messy spit-ups. Also, it will Velcro to your baby carrier, car seat, diaper bag or similar straps so you never lose your child’s favorite blankie while on the go. Baby K’tan, LLC, was developed by two couples, each raising three kids in Florida. One family has a child with Down syndrome and the other has a child who required heart surgery when he was four weeks old. Having children with special needs gave these four parents the push to band together and create a company that would provide parents with quality products that suits their babies’ needs. The Baby K'tan team proudly devotes a percentage of its proceeds to the American Heart Association and to organizations that assist individuals and families living with Down syndrome.