Michael Lynn Wherley

From 9- 5 Michael Lynn Wherley is a men’s wear designer. The rest of the time he is focused on developing his own original handbag and accessories line. His works are all one-of-a-kind and handmade with great pride and care for you to enjoy. I really like the unique shaped Fancy Bucks U tote. Michael's designs, such as the Totally Toy Time and Trinket hobo and Corny Knotted Sack, are so humorous and funky. You will also find hoodyscarves available in a variety of prints. Other favs of mine are the bright bamboo wristlet and the Charming U Tote. Check out Michael's Flickr to see more of his work.


Maizie Designs said...

I love that the handbags are one of a kind. I am always looking for stuff that no one else has and when you pair one of a kind with handbags it equals HEAVEN!

sarah said...

i like this!