i heart my laptop

Jessi Almstead is a girl in Queens with a sewing machine and a dream (as well as an obsession with fabrics and fabric shopping), which many of us can relate to. Jessi creates handmade laptop sleeves that are unique and custom made. The pin stripe sleeve is a classy way to carry your beloved laptop to meetings and work. I really like the gray wool gabardine sleeve that sports a striped bike appliqué. These laptop sleeves are a practical way to add a touch of handmade design to your daily lives. With the ever increasing popularity of laptops and the low availability of mini laptop covers, new solutions to the simple need of protecting them become more relevant. Jessi's laptop sleeves meet that need while remaining charming and unique. And, in some cases reversible!


STEPHANIE. said...

oh this is nice! Maybe a good fathers day gift. :)