Stuff For Sprouts

Kristen Bassick was like many moms searching for ways to alleviate her kids' dry itchy skin. Discouraged with the typical products such a petroleum jelly and products full of artificial ingredients, Kristen decided to create her own line of fun, natural skincare. Stuff for Sprouts is a line of products that are made of natural butters and oils that have many beneficial properties for dry, sensitive skin. I sampled the Blueberry Muffin Cream and it is heavenly! After applying the cream to my hands, arms and even my face, I felt immediate relief. Not to mention the fantastic yummy smell. I also enjoyed trying the Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers in Chocolate. Unlike so many lip balms, this product does not feel the least bit waxy. Another great aspect is that it comes in a big wide tube for lips that are chapped down to the chin. Kristen says this product is also great for chapped cheeks! Stuff for Spouts will be debuting their Sunscreen for Shady Kids just in time for summer weather here in America. Rest assured that none of these products contain parabens, nut oils or butters, mineral oil, & no chemical fillers. Nothing gross. Nothing weird. Just good stuff for dry skin.