Etsy Dallas Beer-B-Q Recap

1. Regina of Little Cookie 2. Annie of Houndmade fame 3. Garret Heinrichs Band
4. Jen of Houndmade 5. Etsy Dallas Beer-B-Q 6. Make 'n Take
7. Free food & drinks 8. Tefi Designs 9. Randi-Sue of Designing Diva

Joe and I had a blast at the Etsy Dallas Beer-B-Q held in Dallas on Sunday, May 18. We love attending these events & having the opportunity to visit with the vendors. It's always fun introducing them to Funky Finds, as well as our online directory OrbisPages & music site ZooTAP. The Beer-B-Q was unique in that it was held at Etsy Dallas member Larry Pile's home. Also, the group provided free hamburgers, hot dogs, veggies, sodas, beer, and more. And despite the fact that there was alcohol available, this was most definitely a fun family event. Lots of families were in attendance with children enjoying the free Make-n-Take booth and live music. Many shoppers also had their furry kids (ie: dogs) with them, as well. We even got to meet Annie, the inspirational pooch behind Houndmade! I was also very happy to meet several new Etsy Dallas members who were participating in their first trunk show with the group. The Leadership Team did a fabulously funky job of organizing & running this event. Below is a run-down of new Etsy Dallas members I had the opportunity to visit with.

The Carpenter Collection features jewelry & crafts designed by Rachel Carpenter (pictured), a native Texan & newlywed. I loved all of Rachel's pieces, especially the unique stone pendants. She is on vacation this week, but check back for a shop update next week.

Alicia Colina-Ashby creates home d├Ęcor & accessories by recycling cigar boxes. She had a great set up & display and was enthusiastic all day despite her spot in the blazing sun!

Hannah Miller (pictured) is the busy mother of four who runs not only one business, but two! Honeydew Baby showcases fresh & unique clothing for girls, while E.L.M. Playclothes is geared towards boys. Hannah also makes the cutest hair bows for little girls.

Jen Rose, the artist behind HipHazel, creates cool ceramic dishware featuring images that are made with glaze and then fired to almost 2000 degrees so they are permanent. We thought the smoking hand and fish trophy were hilarious. On June 8, Jen will be teaching a bookbinding course at the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar in Dallas. If you are interested in attending or would like more information, you can call Jen at 214-544-5577.

Anne Lawrence was seated next to Jen & was also a pleasure to meet. Anne's Etsy shop, Modest Ambition, showcases her beautiful crocheted items. I loved all the colorful button pins, as well as the lovely capelets & shawls. Anne had her hook at the ready & was working the whole time!

Stephanie Longoria (pictured) creates rockin' apparel for everyone in your family. XY Factory is the place to find hip clothing & gift items. I especially loved the humorous El Chiquito Gift Burrito which Stephanie says is the Mexican version of the diaper cake.

Kara Lennox of Memo-Pause is another new Etsy Dallas member I had the chance to visit with. These decorative notepads are the handiest accessory for those of us who tend to be very forgetful. I am one who makes list upon list, but then I spend all my time looking for the lists I made. Memo-Pause is a notepad you wear around your neck, complete with pen, so that you never misplace or forget your list again.

Patricia is the self-proclaimed compulsive knitter and crocheter behind Karma Crochet. Her handmade treats range from handy lip balm holders to beautiful afghans. I also loved the adorable crocheted coaster sets.

I also wanted to mention a charity project of Tamara Peterson's (pictured), the photographer & artist who is TP Design. Tamara has recently released a limited edition print of her painting Rich in God's Love. 50% of the proceeds will go to the Vanessa Whitwell Scholarship Fund that will afford many students and young women the opportunity to attend various camps, retreats and events.


Jennifer said...

Great article! Thanks, Funky Finds!

Etsy Dallas said...

Jessica - This is a FANTASTIC recap! You're the best.

We were so happy to see you and Joe at the BBQ and look forward to the next one!

Stephanie, Tefi Designs

Kara Lennox said...

Wow, fabulous article and great pix! BIG THANKS!

Kara, Memo-Pause

Karmacrochet said...

I'm delighted with the article. Thank you so much for visiting us and writing about us.

Muchisimas Gracias!

Patricia, KarmaCrochet

ToriCat said...

Ahhh! I am from Dallas, but Hubby and I are in California right now for his grad school. We'll be back in a couple of years, though! I miss Tejas!

TPDesign said...

Thanks Jess! Great recap, could not have said it better myself.

Dallas Designing-Diva said...


Huge thanks to you and Joe for your continued support of the Indie movement not only in Dallas but world wide!

We love Funky Finds! :)