Crafters for Critters

I was so saddened to hear the recent announcement that Crafters for Critters will be temporarily closing up shop as of July 1. In order to clear out the store, CFC is offering 75% off everything in stock. Simply type BUYSTUFF in the voucher box of the shopping cart and click "recalculate." This is a great opportunity to do a little early Christmas shopping or to purchase something from yourself. This wonderful organization is going on hiatus in order to rethink and reorganize CFC to help it become a more effective fund raiser. The group has raised & donated over $17,000+ to animal rescue during the last four years and is looking to reopen sometime next year. Their motto, "Shop Independent, Help Animals in Need," is one we should never forget.


Ricki said...

This made me sad, too. I would buy from CFC every so often just to support their cause. 75% off is a great deal, though.