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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Below are some of the many fabulously funky items I've come across lately.

LORiOLA has tons of great heart necklaces to choose from. The red stitched heart, complete with lock & key, is a great design. I also love the happy cupid pendant. (pictured)

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times here...I love hedgehogs! Krystan S. is a talented graphic designer who has created the cutest Polite Hedgehog Valentine's Day cards. Krystan has also designed many other clever cards, including the Vulgar Valentine.

Cori Kindred is an independent artist who incorporates vintage & found objects into her work. I would love to display one of the vintage heart flags garland created using lovely vintage papers. (pictured)

If you aren't into real sweets for whatever reason, Eternal Sunshine has some great alternatives. Their crocheted goodies look delectable, but won't do harm to your diet. The chocolate Valentine cupcakes look good enough to eat. You can also purchase the pattern to create your own Heart Buddies. Sugar Chic Baby also has fat-free treats available, such as the Valentine's Day felt sugar cookie set.

Of course, if all this gooey-ness is putting you into sugar shock, you can always check out the Anti Valentine's Day treasury on Etsy. These items are sure to warm even the coldest of hearts...a tiny bit.

Jade heart pendant created by Surly-Ramics


Dianna said...

Those cupcakes are stinkin' cute*!*
Thanks for sharing :)

Kristen =) said...

Very Fun.... Love your stuff Jess!

Michelle said...

aaawe...skulls? love?? hearts? yay! Lovin the links!! =) thanks Jess!

Mable said...

That paper garland is really cute and inspiring to me. It's amazing what you can do with just a few bits of reused paper and a paper punch! Thanks for the Anti V-Day link, too; I'm always on the lookout for non-traditional Valentine's ideas.