kett made.

Mark Kett, the artist behind kett made., creates wooden spoons and utensils, serving both form and function. When he & his wife Colleen's son reacted negatively to using metal spoons, the couple did not feel comfortable using plastic. Mark, a Luthier (or guitar maker), decided to design a wooden spoon in his shop so that his son would eat that day. His design took into account the natural curvature of his baby's mouth & included two ends - one for babies with smaller mouths and a larger end for others. Mark decided to craft his designs using the wood of birdseye maple. The couple decided to share their spoons with others; not in a mass production way, but to create each spoon by hand. These exotic wooden spoons are a wonderful alternative to the typical utensils we are accustomed to using on a daily basis. They are each intricate works of art, as well as functional objects.


Abby Creek Art said...

Oooh nice spoons! I especially like the maple ones in his Etsy shop. Such beautiful wood. Thanks for the link.:)