CBT’s Closet

CBT’s Closet features funky & cool designs by Texas-based designer Michelle. I love the clear resin pieces, such as the Rainbow Sprinkles star, which incorporates mediums you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to find in jewelry. The Lucky You glitter necklace is an awesome design for St. Patrick’s day or any other day you may need a little extra luck. And who can resist the Sprinkles bobby pins that look good enough to eat? You can also display your love for Harry Potter, My Little Pony and other pop culture icons. Michelle also offers a special free gift with all purchases. You even get to choose which one you want! Enter the jewelry giveaway before midnight CST for your chance to win one of several pieces donated by CBT’s Closet!


Dallas Designing-Diva said...

I Dig Chicks is way too cute...


Cbt's Closet said...

dallas designing diva: thanks so much :)

Jessica thanks for featuring all these wonderful & amazingly talented jewelry designers. This was such a great idea! You rock!