Lottsa Love!

1. Valentines Day Card Titanic Love by Jean Francis Bean
2. Folksy heart onesie by Dutch Door Press
3. Heart Burn - Sacred Heart Collage Print by Dollface Design
4. Love Hurts by La Familia Green

5. Red Blossom heart pendant by LLing Designs
6. Sparkly Heart Earrings by Luli Designs
7. A whole lotta love - clusters of loving valentines necklace by Lucky Accessories
8. a sweetheart deal by The Weekend Store

9. Vintage Spoon bookmark with lampwork bead by Jennifer Perez Designs
10. Whimsical Button Bouquet by Butterfly Mosaics
11. a valentines red Heart mini plush by Batteries Not Included
12. Hugs and Kisses Sachet by Decorative Instincts


Cbt's Closet said...

oooh i love the button bouquet by butterfly mosaics & the heart burn collage print by dollface design

great picks for v-day!

Cakespy said...

Love DOESN'T hurt with cool finds like this!!