Heidi & Seek

Hayley Lau is the designer behind the ethical clothing line Heidi & Seek. She creates each piece herself in sweatshop-free conditions and the fabrics used are 100% reclaimed making them eco-friendly. Like many of you, Hayley is passionate about ethical living, but she loves looking cute, too. Heidi & Seek pieces are a little unusual, colorful, and interesting, but very wearable. I like the reconstructed MIA tee in grey that has a nice splash of orange around the neckline. The blue & brown Oh Bow tee is casual with a touch of cute. And my favorite piece is the colorful mustard and turquoise ethical MIA tee. Due to the nature of reclaimed materials, each piece is different and new pieces are regularly listed.


Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

awesome! Thanks for sharing.

jelly said...

very cute...what a clever idea.

Machja said...

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