Do you remember what form music came in before mp3s, cds, tapes, and even 8-tracks? Vinyl records! Since few people have record players these days, James DesRochers is using vinyl to create rockin' accessories. Vling features jewelry that gives old school vinyl a new school vibe. I love the limited-edition Cameo necklace made from layered color vinyl records. The owl necklace & earrings are adorable, as is the ltd. edition red bow set. I also love the gorgeous butterfly necklace. And why not give a shout out to Rock while sporting some vinyl with the Rock earring & necklace set? Receive 25% OFF your order with coupon code FUNKYFINDS.


Go Green said...

This rocks - I love it when designers up-cycle old materials into new creations!!

jelly said...

nothing better than vinyl...and cute necklace.

ps. i received my winnings...thank you so much and i posted about it on my blog.