Backspace Records

I discovered Backspace Records through StartupNation's 2009 Leading Moms in Business Competition. This “artist friendly” independent record label with a diverse roster of artists is a label that is open, honest and fair with its artists, has a philanthropic component, and makes great music for families. Run by the dynamic husband and wife team of Ben and Kimberly Rowell, Backspace Records boasts a critically acclaimed blues artist, an indie/rock/pop artist, and a children’s music artist to name a few. Ben is a member of another unique outfit on Backspace called The Baby Grands, which writes and plays what he calls “alt-rock for kids that won’t drive the adults crazy.” Another inspiring element to Backspace is that a portion of the label’s profits will go towards organ donor organizations. The motivation behind this is that Mack Lindsey, the Rowells’ business partner, is a recent heart transplant recipient. Learn more about mompreneur Kimberly Rowell through an interview she did with Bizzie Mommy.


Backspace Records said...

Our humblest thank you!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

That is great that they donate part of their proceeds to Organ Donor funds. More people in America need to be like this.