Toronto-based accessories designer Katrina has opened a new shop called Anirtak. At first I was puzzled by the name, but now I get it! It's Katrina spelled backwards. Clever, huh? Her designs have a similar humorous and fun feel to them, such as the feminine silhouette necklace. The Nautical Adventure necklace featuring an adorable seahorse charm & blue glass bead is another favorite of mine. I also love the angel wing lariat and sweeping swallow necklaces that have a tattoo vibe to them. Receive free shipping on jewelry through March 13. Simply enter "Funky Finds Loves You" in the "Message to Seller" box and check out as usual. Shipping charges will be refunded within 24 hours of purchase. Supplies not eligible for free shipping.


missy j said...

I LOVE your blog and visit often! I was so excited to see you stopped by mine! Thanks for the note.