Sunshine Designs, Etc.

I was going to promise to quit talking about Halloween related goodies for a while considering that it's only September 5th. However, I came across Sunshine Designs, Etc. today & had to share. Heather Noblitt is a multi-media collage artist who creates lovely collage pendants. I love the Boo Kitty collage necklace, as well as the Black Cat Game necklace. The colorful Pink Art Girl pendant is also very eye-catching. Heather also creates lovely aprons, clutches, and charm bracelets. Have a look at all the wonderful offerings Sunshine Designs, Etc. has in stock.


Deanna said...

I may have missed it, but have you mentioned indiepublic?
It's a social networking site for artists/designers/crafters. Lots of really cool stuff...

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

I just found your blogspot - it's a delight and will take me hours to check everything out that you mention! That'll be great for my often sleepless nights:)
I'm going to add you to my bloglist so I can keep up with you!
If you get a minute I invite you to visit my blog,