Hey Pretty Cupcake

Vanessa, the owner of Hey Pretty Cupcake, wanted a place to showcase indie artists who were in the need of further exposure. Her shop features artists from different countries, enabling consumers to get the best selection & shopping experience possible. The current featured artist is Brittbrew who creates a variety of artistic goodies. You'll find all kinds of jewelry on this site, including adorable pendants by Jelene. You can also purchase the silver scissors tee that has been all over blogland lately by Circular Accessories. And the witchy cap-sleeve tee by Juror2 is perfect for Halloween. Check out all the cool products Hey Pretty Cupcake has to offer & support a number of indie artists & crafters.


Amanda Ann said...

those are super cute!! thanks!!

Less Than Three Designs said...

Hey! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for including the picture of my cards with your entry about Hey Pretty Cupcake. HPC is indeed awesome, and I'm so glad to be a part of it!

Less Than Three Designs

Gina said...

Great stuff, I really like cupcakes (to eat and to look at)