Oracle Organics

Oracle Organics recently sent me a generous box of their organic vegan products to try out. I have been using the foaming body wash, bloom mask, rosemary mint body butter, & soothing lavender soap for a few weeks & have been very impressed with the quality of these products. All of the products smell divine, transporting me to a place of serenity & relaxation. The light smell of spearmint in the body wash is a wonderful treat at the beginning & end of a long day. Oracle Organics believes that no living being should have to needlessly suffer for our luxuries; therefore, all of their products are vegan and NEVER tested on animals. Also, they are not one of the many companies partially or minimally using organic ingredients in their products. All of the ingredients are either organic, wild harvested or cultivated without the use of chemicals. Other products that sound equally fabulous are the bath crystals, massage oils, & herbal oils. I urge you to treat yourself or someone you love to a few of these wonderful products. You are sure to pleased!


Blue Yonder said...

Mmmmm this all looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Good point - many companies slap organic on their labels and then you read the ingredients and cringe. Oracle Organics is to be commended for such purity of ingredients in a world where it's not always that easy to find. Honesty, good for the body and the earth AND destressing! Oracle Organics sounds like a winner to me.