Free Craft Sampler & Gift Guide

Quirk Books recently released a free downloadable Homemade Quirk sampler, dishing out a ton of cute crafts and recipes in a PDF document. The sampler features a round up of the best crafts and baked goods that Quirk Books has to offer. Tiny books from Microcrafts, cat portraits from Crafting with Cat Hair, mini homemade Pop Tarts from Tiny Food Party, bottled potions from Witch Craft, and a lot more!

Here you will find instructions for creating multiple gifts for the bookworm, lovebirds, kids, animal lover, foodie & geek! There's also easy directions telling you how to upload the PDF to a Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

Quirk Books also released a fun Holiday Gift Guide! This is the perfect place to find gifts for the crafter, chef, hostess, and artist on your shopping list!


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