SWAG (Stuff We All Get)

Many craft shows offer swag bags as a way to attract shoppers & create excitement. If you are not familiar with swag, it stands for Stuff We All Get and is primarily used by business owners to promote their business. At Funky Finds events, we giveaway swag bags in conjunction with the charitable raffle. The bags are always good quality & include promo items from event participants, as well as other business owners.

As a business owner, you may have wondered what promo items receive the best response from shoppers. In my experience, a piece of paper or business card alone does not garner a strong response. Yes, the recipient may keep it or look at it when they get home. But most times, that piece of paper ends up in the garbage can.

We believe that your swag should relate back to you, your products, and your specialty. For example, if you create pottery or ceramics, your swag could be a simple little clay ornament or hand-made button. Something the recipient can use in their own crafting endeavors.

Recipients also seem to appreciate goodies they can actually use, such as a keychain or change pouch. Of course, you should certainly include your business card with any type of swag so the recipient can visit your website or contact you in the future. The whole point of swag is to promote your business!

While researching craft show swag online, we came across a variety of ideas. One crafter said they had attached their business card to a seed packet. One jewelry designer had the idea to contribute jewelry cleaning cloths. Another said she had given out candy ring pops with her business card attached to the ring band. This got a good response, but really only made sense because she in facts sells jewelry.

Even if you only have a business card, try to include something else with it. The item doesn't have to be overly elaborate, just something little, like a button or felt shape that could be used in crafting.

We strongly encourage all businesses to include swag / promo items when given the chance at events. It shows you are serious about promoting your business & that you jump on the opportunity to do so when it's available. Just be sure to put some thought into what you're contributing & don't be afraid to get creative!

(Photos: Top - Funky Finds Swag Bag Spring 2012; Funky Finds Swag 2010; Stitch Swag 2007)