Ray Koshy, Leaf Artist

Rajan (Ray) Koshy is a leaf artist and curator of the Rice Straw Museum in Galveston, Texas. All of his unique artwork is created using leaves of rice plants & cottonwood trees. Rice straw art is an ancient & endangered form of leaf art practiced by less than 100 artists around the world & Ray is the only rice straw artist in the USA. Rice Straw Museum is dedicated to Preserve, Protect and Promote this ancient leaf art from extinction and introduce this beautiful unique art to more and more people every day. Rice straw art uses only natural things in its creation like leaves of rice straw, leaves of cottonwood trees, gum arabic (tree sap) as the glue, and no color paint or dye is added to the natural color of the dried leaves of the rice plant.

The portraits, such as A Girl & Her Horse, are stunning intricate works of art. The American Indian Chief portrait is another show stopper. And I am absolutely in love with the beautiful Nativity leaves (pictured) that are perfect for the holidays! If you'd like to learn more about Ray & his work, his website is full of great information including a newspaper article that appeared in the Dallas Morning News. Also, he is offering Funky Finds fans BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! Simply convo Ray after making a purchase & mention Funky Finds to receive an additional leaf art free of charge.