Young Crafters & Entrepreneurs

It's always great to see children & young adults showing interest in crafting. But it's especially inspiring when those young crafters turn entrepreneur. Show some support for the young business owners highlighted below.

Ben is a 16 year-old who creates handmade appliqué & screen printed t-shirts. While attending a boarding arts high school in California, Ben creates fun, young clothes. Prismatic Therapy features quirky designs that definitely won't bore. I love the Hold 'em Texas pocket tee (pictured), as well as the Feisty Fox. Say goodbye to nerdy pocket protectors & say hello to funky appliqued pockets!

Federica is a student of foreign languages and literature. She says that she loves what she is studying right now, but unfortunately is still undecided about what she want to become in the future. I definitely felt that way many times while in college! Coccinelle Rouge showcases Federica's lovely crocheted accessories & greeting cards. I adore the sparkling black wool fingerless gloves (pictured) & the Thinking of You card is perfect for any loved one. Visit her blog for more information & inspiration.

Mayoli & Amanda are friends, as well as university students. To break up the monotony of studying, these crafty pals turned to jewelry making as a creative outlet. The duo says that what started off as a hobby quickly turned into much more & it's very evident why when you look at their lovely accessories. From stylish hair accessories to delicate necklaces, MNA Designs has you covered. Be sure to visit the duo's new blog, too. (pictured - Petite & Golden Bows & Laced Pearls Necklace)

At only 15 years old, Joelle Poulos designs, creates & sells her own jewelery under the name Joelleabelle. Her quirky designs are targeted to a young audience, because Joelle works hard to design affordable pieces that she & her friends want but can't find anywhere else. The Very Cherry earrings (pictured) are adorable & I love the Heart Hands necklace. You certainly don't want to miss the extensive sale section either! Learn more about Joelleabelle via Facebook and Joelle's blog.


taniamc said...

I think it is really great that you took the time to highlight these young talents! I can't imagine trying to go to school and run my own business... they folks are truly talented and dedicated!