Andrea Heimer - 30x30 Project Part II

Andrea Heimer, a self-taught artist originally from Montana, has completed hundreds of paintings in mediums from pencil to silk screen. She works in series including The Encouraging Words, Pulp, Pop Portraits, 30x30, Icon, and Childhood Adventure amongst others. At the beginning of 2010 she suffered a severe injury to her painting hand that resulted in surgery and months of rehab. She wasn't sure if she'd ever be able to perform the delicate pencil/watercolor paintings seen in 30X30 ever again, but her perseverance paid off & she was able to continue creating unique works of art. While last year’s 30x30 was all about people, this year's 30x30 Project Part II is a series of 30 animal portraits painted in 30 days. They are currently for sale through her website for $30 each. Cougars and gnu and bison, oh my! (pictured: Kangaroos)