Frances Melhop - Photography Project

Photographer Frances Melhop is currently working on a very interesting project. She has recently been awarded an artist residency in Italy & is on a mission to find some of the oldest Olive trees in the world. You may ask why she would be on such a mission. After viewing the video, you will see that these trees are beautiful, magical & possibly full of secrets. There seems to be humans trapped inside the trees, a fairytale dream come true! Frances is using old school technology to capture images that she will present at an exhibition, followed by a second series of limited-edition images printed by hand on fiber-based photographic paper. Her fundraising is in an effort to complete the project in a high-quality manner. Follow her journey via her blog showing her progress, as well as treasures & found oddities leading up to the exhibition. You can learn much more about this project on Frances' Kickstarter site.