TillyJane is a shop dedicated to supporting local women designers in Portland, OR. Their fabulous items range from handbags to children's clothing. I especially love the eco-friendly newsboy style caps made from recycled sweaters. The SnuggleBug Baby blankets made using unique designer prints & ultra-soft white fabric are also lovely. Have a look at all the wonderful handmade items TillyJane has to offer.


Kristen =) said...

That bag is so cute!

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

You WON the drawing on my Blog!! Please see today's post for more info :)

Lindsay said...

hey there,

head's up, i put some of those light bulb ornaments you liked on my blog up in my etsy store!

let me know if you want more than 1 and we can set that up!

thanks so much! + love your blog.