ROXY Parfums

I'm typically not too fond of perfumes, as I have a very strong sense of smell. But I recently received samples of the new fragrance created by ROXY. This California-based brand launched in 1990. Commonly known for providing sporty women with fresh & inspired clothing, ROXY organizes sporting events world-wide & has largely contributed to the success of women's board sports (surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding). Their new scent is a light, floral fragrance that is beautifully packaged. ROXY is available in perfume form, as well as body lotion & shower gel. Learn more about this exciting new product on the ROXY Parfums blog.


Karen Beth said...

I'm very picky about scents too. I found L'Occitane a couple of years ago and LOVE it! It is a French perfume brand and amazing... very subtle. If you get a chance to smell it sometime, you should! (I like the de la Recolte Bleu.)