Minty Print

As I sit here eating my breakfast, I think it's only natural that I'm so drawn to the pink felt donut magnet by Minty Print. It looks good enough to eat! This delightful shop also has quilted log cabin pillows & beautiful baby blankets in a variety of prints. The stationery and sushi magnets are among my favorites, as well. Look at the wasabi!


Butterfly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :O)
Love the magnets ;-D

Have a wonderful week!!!

Sherri said...

Yummy looking!
Thanks for sharing and leaving comments on my blog!

Chara Michele said...

Oh my! That does look good enough to eat:)

Vee said...

omg, i thought they were real, lmbo :)

Peggy Severins said...

Yum they look tasty :) Too cute!